Killeen Cares Program

KPD Mental Health Square

Our mission is to serve our citizens who suffer from mental illness with quality, professional and compassionate service.


Anyone who has been diagnosed with a mental illness or Autism by a licensed medical professional trained in the realm of behavioral health and qualified to diagnose individuals.  Medical facilities, behavioral health facilities, and clinics in Killeen can participate in the program by providing the medical release and enrollment forms to those individuals who are eligible and would like to voluntarily enroll in the program.


Individuals eligible for the program and their providers must complete and sign an enrollment form. Individuals eligible must also complete and sign a medical release form which must also be signed by their provider.  A list of participating medical and behavioral health facilities has not yet been compiled; however, our goal is to provide a list of the participating facilities available on the KPD website.  Once the completed forms are received, a Community Engagement Officer (CEU) will contact the applicant, complete their enrollment, and provide them a numbered decal.  The applicant’s information will be entered into our records system that will be accessible to KPD officers.


Those medical facilities who would like to participate in the program can contact Sgt Mathews at or to be provided the forms for the program and added to the list of providers.