An Application for Fire Department Service (PDF) must be filled out prior to inspection. This office needs at least 24-hours notice prior to inspection for scheduling. Fees must be paid in advance by cash, check, money order, or in person by credit card. Please make check or money order payable to the City of Killeen. Download the Alarm Permit Application (PDF).

Inspection Fees

Location Fee
Daycare Center $75
Foster Home $50
Hospitals $180
Nursing Home $135
Registered Family Home $50
Other $50

Note: If your facility uses natural gas for cooking or heating, you may be required to have a Natural Gas System Test.

System Test Fees

System Fee*
Fire Alarm System (30 minutes) $50
Fixed Fire Suppression Systems (30 minutes) $50
Natural Gas System (30 minutes) $50
Sprinkler System (2 hours) $125

*Witness Test: Based at $50 first half hour and a rate of $25 per half hour or part thereafter.

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