Department Transparency

Transparency is vital to the success of a community police partnership. Pillar one of 21st Century Policing advocates a culture of transparency and accountability.  

The resources on these links are available so that citizens can review and understand our commonly discussed policies, crime statistics, internal affairs and agency demographics.  The information will be updated monthly to assist citizens with current information about the department and our community. All data is preliminary and subject to change due to delayed reporting and/or investigative finding.

The Killeen Police Department submits crime data statistics to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Crime Records Division on a monthly basis. DPS compiles crime statistics for Texas agencies as part of the nationwide Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR). The Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) provides a nationwide view of crime based on law enforcement agencies submitting crime information nationwide. This data is used in law enforcement administration, operation, and management, as well as to indicate the level and nature of crime in the United States.  

The UCR program captured crime statistics as "single-based incidents" based on a hierarchy rule of the most serious offense, which can skew crime statistics. An example is if a thief breaks into a home, steals several things, and then steals the homeowner's vehicle. Under the "single-based incident system', only the most serious offense will be reported when two crimes were actually committed (Burglary and Auto Theft).  

In 2021, UCR was officially retired and replaced by the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBIRS). NIBRS collects data on homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, larceny theft, and arson. It also collects data on the categories "Crimes against Persons" and "Crimes against Property."  If a Burglary and Auto theft occurred in the same incident, both incidents would be reported instead of only the most serious offense. Because of this, NIBRS data cannot be compared fairly to UCR data."

Unlike UCR, NIBRS documents animal cruelty, extortion, and identity theft offenses. NIBRS also documents the category "Crimes against Society," which does not involve an injured party or piece of property. Rather, they are prohibitions against engaging in certain activities such as drugs, gambling, pornography, prostitution, and weapon law violations.  

The most important difference between UCR and NIBRS is that Part I and Part II offenses are discarded in favor of Group A and Group B offenses, with Group A representing 20-plus indexed crime categories rather than focusing on eight indexed offenses in the UCR. In addition, with UCR, attempted crimes are reported as a crime. NIBRS focuses on whether the crime was attempted or completed.

As part of the Killeen Police Department's commitment to transparency, the department elected to place monthly crime statistics on its webpage beginning in January 2023.   In April 2023, the DPS vendor used to collect the data for the Monthly Crime Comparison was changed, resulting in a change in the format of the reports before April 2023.    

As of April 2023, a new report pulling all Group A NIBRS offense is being used. Reports after March 2023 will appear differently and provide different data than previous reports. This new report provides more information on a larger variety of crimes than the previous report and further clarifies the monthly and year-to-date crime trends. The first page of the report has the previous month's information. The second page has the year-to-date information from the previous month. The third page shows the crash information gathered through the public query from CRIS. 

The Killeen Police Department wants to inform the community that UCR data is a 'live' collection, meaning the Killeen Police Department can continue to update their incident data per their investigation findings, when arrests occur, for any corrections needed, and in response to data quality checks.  

As such, this report reflects all the data currently contained within the TXDPS UCR System at the time of inquiry for the specified timeframe.  Due to the dynamic nature of this data, this report may not match data retrieved from the system at a different time of inquiry or data produced yearly.

Crime Statistics

Career Day- Hay Branch Elem School 5
National Night out 2019
Career Day- Hay Branch Elem School 4112
Career Day- Hay Branch Elem School 3
Career Day- Hay Branch Elem School 2
Trick or Treat at the mall 5
Officers Asmus and Leach help boy with bike chain
Career Open House 5
Career Open House 4
Career Day- Hay Branch Elem School