Employment With Killeen Police Department

Police Officer EquipmentThank you for your interest in becoming a Killeen Police Officer. We encourage all qualified persons to apply to become a Killeen Police Officer. As a Killeen Police Officer, you will be working in a very diverse and growing city, and you will have many opportunities to develop an exciting and rewarding law enforcement career. The Killeen Police Department (KPD) has its own Police Academy, and it is not open to the general public to enroll in. 

In order to attend the Killeen Police Academy, interested and qualified persons must apply online at City of Killeen Jobs to become a Killeen Police Officer. Applications must be completed online and are available only during hiring cycles.

Job Openings

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Equal Employment Opportunity

The Killeen Police Department is committed to hiring a well-qualified workforce that reflects the diversity within our city. We have prepared an Equal Employment Opportunity Utilization Report (PDF) outlining our strategy to attain this goal. For more information regarding employment as a Police Officer with the Killeen Police Department, please contact the Recruiting Office:
Officer Wilson Lopez, Personnel Resource Officer
Phone: 254-200-7933
Email the Recruiting Office

Incentives & Training

Experienced TCOLE certified police officers are eligible for a $3,000 sign on incentive, alternate pay plan, accelerated Field Training Program and hiring preference. Certified officers may be required to attend the Killeen Police Academy.  Email the Recruiting Office for details.

KPD Minimum Requirements

Applicants for employment with the Killeen Police Department for the position of Police Officer shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of the United States and be able to competently read and write the English language.
  • Must be a high school graduate or have a General Education Degree (GED).
  • Must have a minimum of 30 college semester hours from an accredited college or university, maintaining a minimum of “C” in each course counting toward the minimum thirty-hour requirement. The only exceptions to the college hour requirement would be to allow the following licensing and/or experience to substitute for the thirty-hour minimum:
    • A current Texas licensed peace officer.
    • Honorable discharge after two years of active duty experience in the military service of the United States of America. If using military experience to qualify, a DD Form-214 must be submitted to the Human Resources office by the last workday of the month prior to the first day of the police academy.
    • Must possess a minimum of a Basic Jailer Proficiency Certificate recognized from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). Preference in hiring may be given to any TCOLE Licensed Officers.
  • Must not have had a license issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement denied by final order or revoked, or have a voluntary surrender of license currently in effect.
  • Must not be prohibited by state or federal law from operating a motor vehicle and possess at a minimum, a Class C valid Texas driver's license.
  • Must not be prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.
  • Must meet City of Killeen requirements to drive a city vehicle, which include:
    • Have a valid, current State of Texas driver's license, appropriate for the type of vehicle to be operated that is not under suspension or revocation; an occupational license is not acceptable.
    • Applicant must have less than 10 points accumulated in the previous two years of their driving record.
  • Must not have been convicted of, or placed on deferred adjudication, probation, community supervision, or community service for driving while intoxicated, or DUI, within the past ten years. Must be at least 21 years of age by the Basic Peace Officer Course start date.
  • Must have not reached 45th birthday by the date of employment. No applicant may apply who has reached their 45th birthday.
  • Must be able to perform the essential duties and functions of a Police Officer as determined by a physician, including, but not limited to the following:
    • Show no trace of drug dependency or illegal drug use after a physical examination, blood test or other medical test.
    • Must be able to pass Killeen Police Department physical ability test.
    • Normal hearing, 
    • Normal vision no worse than 20/200 uncorrected in each eye, corrected to 20/30 in each eye.
    • Must have normal color vision. Must be able to comply with the current City policy to maintain a residence within 30 minutes driving time from the city limits. New hires have 60 days in which to relocate their residence to be in compliance with this policy. Driving time shall be determined by motor vehicle using the most direct route and obeying all traffic laws.
  • Must submit a Form DD-214-4 to verify honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions from the military (if applicable). If the applicant is on terminal leave pending formal discharge, they must provide a copy of the leave form that authorized terminal leave, their separation orders, and a copy of their final DD Form 214 which documents an honorable or general discharge. Applicant must be available to begin on the start date of the next scheduled Basic Peace Officer Course.
  • Must submit to and pass a polygraph examination, physical examination and psychological test and such other job content related tests that may be administered during the hiring process.
  • Must be of good moral character.
  • Must submit to a thorough, comprehensive background investigation and be interviewed prior to appointment by an Oral Interview Board.

Convictions / Probation

  • Must not ever have been or currently on court-ordered community supervision or probation, or deferred adjudication for any offense above the grade of a Class B misdemeanor.
  • Must not have been within the last 10 years or currently on court-ordered community supervision or probation, or deferred adjudication for any Class B misdemeanor offense.
  • Must not have ever been convicted of any family violence offense.
  • Must not have ever been convicted of an offense above the grade of a Class B misdemeanor. Must not have been convicted of a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years.
  • Must not be under any indictment for any criminal offense.
  • Must not be currently charged with any criminal offense for which conviction would prohibit police officer licensing.
  • Must not have ever executed at any time a confession to a felony offense, such confession being admissible as evidence against the person in any criminal proceeding in any state or federal court.

Drug Limitations

  • Must not have used marijuana within 2 years preceding the date of application or during the hiring process.
  • Must meet the Killeen Police Department’s minimum drug use limitations for the position of Probationary Police Officer.
  • Must not have furnished marijuana to another within the 10 years preceding the date of application or during the hiring process.
  • Must not have ever furnished any illegal drug or controlled substance, other than marijuana.
  • Must not have ever engaged in the manufacture or sale of any drug listed in the Texas Controlled Substance Act.

Tattoos, Body Art & Branding

For new Killeen Police Department Probationary Police Officers, any tattoo, body art, or branding that displays any design, logo, or wording will be regulated in the following manner:

  • Any tattoo, body art, or branding that depicts or represents an idea or theme that is inconsistent with an officer’s Oath of Office or the mission of the police department is prohibited. Tattoos and body art that are offensive, inappropriate and unprofessional include, but are not limited to those that are, racist, sexually suggestive or explicit, or undermine the City or department values.
  • Tattoos, body art, and branding of the head, face, neck, scalp and hands are prohibited.  Wedding ring tattoos will be acceptable in lieu of a traditional wedding ring.