Animal Services

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Tips from Animal Services

Services Provided

  • Adoption services
  • Care for sick or injured animals
  • Investigate animal bites
  • Investigate animal cruelty
  • Offer microchipping
  • Pick up stray animals
  • Promote animal retention
  • Provide education
  • Reunite owners with lost animals
  • Take in owner surrenders

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Adoptions Information

Thank you for choosing Killeen Animal Services as your choice for adoption of your newest family member. There is never a shortage of pets in need of loving responsible homes. It is important that you consider what type of pet you are wanting to bring in to your home as a lifelong companion. Research the breed, energy level, size, maintenance and cost of ownership before considering adoption.  Persons wishing to adopt an animal are required to present state- issued photo identification. You do not need to be a resident of Killeen to adopt, but you must present a verifiable ID and address. 

The following fees apply to adoptions:

Microchip fee (all animals): $15
Adoption fee for sterilized pet: $40
Adoption fee for un-sterilized pet: $25
Intake vaccinations: $15

A contract agreement must also be signed requiring the adopting person to have the animal vaccinated against rabies and have unsterilized animals spayed or neutered in compliance with state law and city ordinance.

To Report Urgent Issues

Do not email. Please call and speak to a staff member. In case of emergency, dial 911. Animal inflicted injuries: dial 911 or transport the victim to the nearest medical facility.

Animal Ordinance

Chapter 6 of the City's Code of Ordinances contains regulations about all types of animals in Killeen.

Get Help from Animal Services

Barking dogs and stray animals can be very disruptive to a neighborhood. Animal Services can help with a number of animal problems including barking dogs, animal rescues, animal cruelty, stray cats and dog bites.


Wildlife is a natural occurrence, even within city limits. You may occasionally see an opossum in your backyard, or perhaps a possum sniffing around an open dumpster. But there’s no need to fear! Wild animals will typically avoid humans whenever possible, and you should never approach or attempt to handle a wild animal. 

Killeen Animal Services does not relocate healthy, naturally occurring wildlife. However, if a wild animal gains entry to your home or vehicle, the shelter may send an Animal Services Officer to the scene to help. Additionally, if you are ever bitten or scratched by a wild animal, or encounter an animal that is injured/sick, or deceased, please contact the shelter as soon as possible by calling 254-526-4455. 

To learn more about Texas wildlife visit:

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