Major Road Construction Updates

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News release on road construction process:

The Engineering Division reviews all preliminary and final plats, re-plats, subdivision construction drawings and various capital improvement project drawings for compliance with codes, regulations, standards and adequacy of permit applications. The division also coordinates inspection services of infrastructure installation in new subdivisions and for various capital improvement projects.

Ubiquity Fiber Optic Network Project

Ubiquity is building an open-access fiber optic network in Killeen and will be installing conduit, cable and vault boxes in public right of ways and utility easements throughout the entire City over the next 5 to 6 years to provide high-speed internet to the community. The contractor, Ervin Cable Construction, will be boring through the public right of ways and easements to install conduit, excavating to install vault boxes and then running the fiber optic cable. All disturbed areas are required to be restored to the same condition or better after the work is complete. To start, the contractor will begin working in the northeast area of the City, spanning from East Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Roy Reynolds Drive, North WS Young Drive and to the Fort Hood fence line. They will then expand out to other areas once work in this area is complete. The contractor has all required permits to do this work. This project is a private investment in Killeen and is in no way sponsored by the City of Killeen. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Ervin Cable Construction Customer Care at (844) 322-2524 or