Backflow Prevention & Customer Service Division

Here are few things that you need to know about backflow prevention devices:

  • If you have a soda machine with a carbonation system, you must have
    a Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RPZ) backflow preventer on that system.
  • If there is a backflow device on your property, you must have it tested annually, regardless if you use the system or not. If you want to avoid the test, you must hire a certified plumber or backflow tester to have the sprinkler system completely removed from your property.
  • If you have a backflow device (i.e., Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB), Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RPZ)) that has been repaired, for any reason, you must have a certified tester test the device after the repair and submit the test paperwork to the City of Killeen Backflow Prevention section in the Water and Sewer department.

If you have further questions about backflow, call us at 254-501-6500.

Backflow & Cross Connections & Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Cross connection refers to an actual or potential link between the drinking water system and contaminants, such as chemicals, bacteria, pesticides, or waste water. Examples:

  • A garden hose is submerged in a bucket of soapy water, hot tub, or swimming pool.
  • A lawn irrigation system is connected directly to the drinking water system.

The City of Killeen is transitioning to Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI) for its Cross-Connection Program, effective July 2, 2023. For information about the notification and test report process, please see flyer