When is a backflow prevention assembly required?

Anytime a connection to the water system is made, the City's Backflow Prevention Division should be contacted to determine backflow prevention requirements. The Backflow Prevention Division is open Monday through Friday, between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. They can also be reached by calling 254-501-6500, ext. 4. A backflow prevention assembly may be required if you have a:

  • Carbonation system
  • Chemical feed
  • Fire suppression system
  • Lawn irrigation system
  • Swimming pool or spa
  • Water feature such as an ornamental fountain or fish pond

Underground Lawn Sprinklers / Irrigation Systems

The City of Killeen requires all underground lawn sprinkler / irrigation systems to have either a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or a reduced pressure zone assembly (RPZ) on all new installations. If there is an old double check in place, it is acceptable as long as it passes the test, once if fails or needs repair, it must be replaced with a PVB-where applicable or an RPZ. City code prohibits any type of cross connection which could endanger the water system.

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