Arts Commission

On March 13, 1990, the Killeen City Council established the Arts Commission. The Arts Commission is responsible for the development of community resource to support the Arts and multi-cultural enrichment programs in Killeen. The Commission is also responsible for the development of tourism and the convention and hotel industry through the use of Cultural Arts grants under Texas Tax Code, Chapter 351.

Mission Statement

  • To develop a community multi-cultural arts program that will enhance tourism and hotel/motel use, through the arts;
  • To encourage an increase in quality arts programs available to the citizens of the City of Killeen;
  • To stimulate an interest in the local arts of all cultures and minority groups especially ensuring access for seniors and disabled citizens;
  • To encourage exposure to the arts for school-age citizens;
  • To preserve and develop the arts and to maximize the quality of the arts and their contributions to our City's culture; and
  • To recommend the equitable distribution of resources from the public and private sectors necessary to accomplish the mission.
  • To produce and promote activities which accomplish this mission.

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FY 2024 Tentative Meeting Dates

Members of the board

John Miller, Chairperson
 Folk Art/Painting/Sculpture

Monique Brand, Vice Chairperson

Erin Hughley

Van Fraley
 Music/Radio/TV/Tape/Sound Recording

Angela Galbreth

Christopher Brown

Ashleigh Rudser



Sean Payton



Kristin Wright

Membership:  The Arts Commission shall consist of nine members who should broadly represent all elements of the community. There shall be a representative of instrumental and vocal music/radio/television/tape and sound recording; a representative of dance/drama/motion pictures/creative writing; a representative of folk art/painting sculpture/ photography/graphic and craft arts/architecture/design and allied fields; an educator with a background in the Arts; and five members of the public-at-large.

Duties:  The Arts Commission shall solicit applications for projects from arts groups, shall review and hear requests for funding, and shall adopt guidelines and criteria for applicants requesting funding. The Arts Commission’s primary objective in evaluating applicants’ projects will be the promotion of tourism and the convention and hotel industry based on, but not limited to, the project’s involvement inside the City, the number of citizens to benefit from the project, the project’s ability to promote tourism, the applicant’s administrative and fiscal responsibility, the “multiplier effect” of the project, and the quality or artistic merit of the project. The Arts Commission shall submit to the City Council its recommendations for the allocation of funding regarding the use of municipal hotel occupancy tax revenue, and on long-range goals for the development of tourism and the convention and hotel industry through use of funding for the arts.

Tax Code, Chapter 351 and the City of Killeen Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Section 131

Term of Office:
3 Year Terms, staggered

Monthly, 2nd Friday at 12:15 p.m.

Appointing Body:
City Council

Appointments Sub-committee:
All Council

Department Responsible: