Maintenance Program

What This Program Means for You

  • A drainage maintenance team to maintain drainage ways on a proactive basis
  • Project priority based on public safety, capacity, and structural stability needs
  • Improved flow and water quality within our stream corridors
  • Reduced flooding throughout the city

Drainage Maintenance Concept

The city’s drainage ways can be divided into three general maintenance categories:

  • Concrete-Lined Channels: Ditches and flumes, as well as curb and gutter sections
  • Natural Streams: Earthen and vegetated channels and swales
  • Storm Sewers: Storm water and ground water conveyed through a conduit or pipe

General Drainage Maintenance Policy

  • Inspect all drainage ways yearly.
  • Clear channels so water flows correctly thereby reducing standing water and flooding.
  • Perform minor maintenance (e.g., concrete grouting; graffiti paint over; armoring areas of severe erosion).
  • Pick up litter along selected corridors (we ask for your help in reducing litter in all areas of the city).
  • Plant erosion resident and drought tolerant vegetation according to vegetation zones within the flood plain to reduce long term maintenance.

Future Program Goals

  • Establish a standard for vegetation maintenance within the City’s drainage easements.
  • Continue to meet Storm Water Management Program requirements mandated through the State of Texas Phase II program.
  • Construct several Major Drainage Capital Improvement Projects on a priority basis under an $8 Million bond program.
  • Identify specific sources and locations of surface water quality impairment under a grant project with the EPA and TCEQ.
  • Conduct best management practices training for the public and City staff.

How Citizens Can Help

Citizens can help keep Drainage Utility fees low by participating in the following activities:

  • Create “Litter-Free Zones.” Work within your neighbor to help keep streets and yards clean. Organized clean-ups help cut down on debris in our drainage ways.
  • Use “Smart Landscaping” techniques. Install mulching lawn mower blades and dispose of yard trimmings properly, or participate in a backyard composting program. For more information on time and locations call 254-554-7572.
  • Support “Adopt-A-Stream.” Conduct litter pick up events and participate in plantings events with “Keep Killeen Beautiful,” a volunteer organization. Call 254-501-7878 for more information.
  • Report trash and debris in your drainage ways that needs to be removed by contacting the Drainage Utility Hotline at 254-501-7629. In line with the “Don’t Mess with Texas” motto: Let’s Keep it Clean, Killeen, get the license plate number (Texas plates only), make of the vehicle, time of day, location, and date for any driver or passenger who tosses trash from a vehicle. File a report online.
  • Buy and bed plants that are erosion-resistant and drought-tolerant. View a Plant Guide (PDF).