Public Works

Public Works business offices are closed to the public. Please call or email for service.

The Public Works Department is dedicated to providing the Citizens of Killeen with:

  • Capital improvement projects planning and administration
  • Quality engineering, planning, and land use services
  • Solid waste services
  • Street and traffic maintenance
  • Utility systems


The Public Works Department is dedicated to providing the citizens of Killeen with quality infrastructure systems and orderly planning and development.

  • The Engineering Division provides plan review and inspections services for development and city-sponsored projects.
  • The Environmental Services Division administers the State-required storm water discharge permit. It is responsible for the development of the city’s Storm Water Drainage Master Plan and for implementing a drainage capital improvements program.
  • The Transportation Division is responsible for the maintenance of the city’s streets, sidewalks and drainage ways.
  • The Solid Waste Division has four divisions: residential collection, commercial collection, recycling services, and transfer station. The Solid Waste Department is responsible for all aspects of garbage collection and disposal.
  • The Killeen Recycling Center accepts materials for recycling and operates the subscription Residential Curbside Recycling Service.
  • The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for maintaining the city’s 800+ miles of water and sewer mains; water tanks and towers; sewage lift stations; and fire hydrants. The department is responsible for the delivery of potable water to the customer and collection of wastewater to the treatment plant.