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Mayor Appearance Request Form

  1. To request the Mayor’s attendance and/or remarks at an event, please complete the form below. All fields are required. Due to the amount of requests the mayor receives, all requests should be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to the event to be considered.  

    NOTE: A submitted request is not a confirmation the mayor will attend. All requests will be thoroughly reviewed by the mayor and staff, and the City of Killeen will notify the requestor no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event if the mayor is available to attend.

    All form fields are required.  If a field is not applicable, please input "N/A".

  2. Can date be changed?  If so, provide two alternate dates below.

  3. Please be as specific as possible.  If it's at a school, what room in the school, etc.

  4. Is this event public or private?*
  5. Attach event flyer, invitation or other material

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