The Purchasing Divisions oversees all procurement of goods and services for the City of Killeen in an open, fair, transparent, economically competitive and respectful process with the goal of maximizing tax payers’ dollars while staying in compliance with federal, state, local laws and internal control.

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Update for Killeen Suppliers!

City of Killeen will begin using the Negometrix e-Procurement platform to post and accept submissions for open solicitations starting in February 2021. The City encourages you to register on the Negometrix platform and to add commodity codes to your account so that you will automatically be notified of bidding opportunities with the City that may be of interest to your firm. 

Register on Negometrix

Registration is a simple process that takes only a few minutes, please click the link below and fill out the registration form. The City of Killeen believes that this online transition will be of benefit to all suppliers, greatly reducing the time and cost attributed with printing and shipping proposals. 

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Need Assistance?

The Negometrix Service Desk is available from Mon-Fri, 7am - 7pm EST for any assistance you may need. You can find the contact information below:

Negometrix Service Desk
Email: servicedesk.us@negometrix.com

Phone: (724) 888-5294

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Municipal Energy Usage

The City of Killeen purchases natural gas from Atmos Energy.  In Calendar Year 2021, the City purchased a total of 75,744 hundred cubic feet (CCF) of natural gas.

The City purchases electricity from Cavallo and Bartlett Cooperative.  In calendar year 2021, the City purchased a total of 26,857,422 kilowatt hours.

The City of Killeen purchases water from West Bell Water Supply Corporation.  In calendar year 2021, the City purchased a total of 2,075,300 gallons of water. 

The City is a municipal water supplier and as a self-supplier, no municipal funds are expended to purchase water for municipal services.  In calendar year 2021, the City consumed a total of 37,875,000 gallons of water.

The total cost of natural gas, electricity, and water purchased by the City in the calendar year 2021 is $2,831,105.

Additional Information

For further information regarding bids, email Purchasing. Please include the following as the subject: Web Purchasing Inquiries. Bids will be publicly opened and read in Purchasing, located at 802 N. 2nd Street, Building E, 2nd Floor, on bid due date and time unless otherwise stated.