City Secretary

The City Secretary serves in several capacities.

City Council Administrative Aide

This division prepares and preserves all records pertaining to the City Council, maintains the official City seal, and attests all official documents. Other duties include: 

  • Creating City Council agendas
  • Posting meeting notices
  • Publishing legal notices
  • Preparing for and attending City Council meetings
  • Codifying ordinances
  • Preparing the minutes
  • Maintaining the official Council minute book and various ad hoc Council subcommittee minutes

Elections Administrator

This division serves as Elections Administrator for all city-held elections. The division prepares all election materials and notices, including review and approval of contracts for contracted elections.

In addition to the duties herein mentioned, the City Secretary shall do and perform such other duties, acts and things as may be required of him or her by the City Attorney.

Records Custodian

This division manages the city's official records and permanent records facility. This division also oversees the city's Records Management Program and provides training to city employees on record retention requirements.

Film Friendly Texas

In 2011, the City Council approved a Guide to Filming in Killeen (RS11-125). It lays out a permit process for filming requests in a city building, park street or right of way; commercial use of private property that may affect public property; or use of city personnel or equipment. 

  • There’s a $25 permit (waivable for non-profits) to be submitted at least 10 days before filming
  • There’s a fee structure depending on what city property is requested
  • Permits are submitted to the city secretary, granted by the city manager
  • Set hours for filming
  • Insurance requirements

Filming in Killeen Application (PDF)