Why do we need to conserve?

We appreciate citizens who think about others (today and future generations) and try their best to conserve this precious resource-- water.
 -Reducing our water usage reduces energy, which leads to SAVING MONEY and helps to reduce pollution and conserve resources.
 -Reducing water usage also keeps our communities safe: Firefighters, hospitals, gas stations, street cleaners, etc. all require large amounts of water to provide services to the community.
 -And if we make it a habit to conserve year round, we can appreciate the beautification that water conservation efforts have for our surroundings, like watering lawns, trees, flowers, and vegetable gardens, and filling public fountains at parks, etc.
***Please note-- there are penalties for violations, as outlined in our Code of Ordinances (www.KilleenTexas.gov/Ordinances). 

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4. Why do we need to conserve?
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