What happens after I submit my application?

Once you complete the application it is essential to monitor your email, spam box, and phone for the next steps in the process. If it is determined that you will/will not be considered for this session, you will receive notification through the contact methods mentioned above. When completing the application please ensure that you provide the correct phone number and email.

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1. What does job readiness training consist of?
2. Who can Apply for youth employment opportunities?
3. How do I apply?
4. How long is the program?
5. How much will I be paid?
6. What will my schedule be?
7. Where will I work?
8. Can I request time off?
9. How do I get Paid?
10. What if I need assistance with the application process?
11. What happens after I submit my application?
12. What to expect after my interview?
13. What to expect after I receive a job offer?