Risk Management

Risk Management/Claims

The Risk Management’s mission is to establish effective risk prevention and controls to minimize the City’s financial risk while providing optimum services to City employees and its Citizens.

The mission is accomplished by managing the following areas:

  • Workers Compensation for City employees
  • Claims for and against the City of Killeen
    • Liability
    • Automobile
    • Property
  • Safety for City employees and Citizens

Submitting a Claim

Documents required to submit a claim include:

  1. The completed Notice of Claim (PDF) form
  2. Repair estimates
  3. Medical or repair bills
  4. Police report number
  5. Photos  and/or videos (if any)
  6. Witness statement (if any)

The Notice of Claim form and supporting documentation should be emailed to claims@killeentexas.gov or faxed to (254) 501-7688.