Street Maintenance Fee

What is a Street Maintenance Fee?

A street maintenance fee is a source of revenue to fund street system maintenance. The fee is based on use of the street system by residential and commercial properties. It is billed monthly through City utility bills, and revenue is placed in a street maintenance fund to be used solely for maintaining the street system.

How much is the street maintenance Fee?

The street maintenance fee is $1.70 per single-family equivalent per month. A single-family home will be charged $1.70 per month, but the fee will be adjusted for other types of properties. (See Street Maintenance Fee Ordinance for specific property type calculations.)

When Will the Street Maintenance Fee Take Effect?

City Council adopted the Street Maintenance Fee Ordinance December 11, 2018. Implementation will take approximately six months. Fee collection is expected to begin in July, 2019.

How Much Is My Fee?

The City has created a map to help you understand the fee you will be charged beginning in July. Click on this map to enter your address or locate your property.


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