What facilities are open, closed, changed?

All facilities are under normal operational hours. Masks and social distancing are encouraged, but not mandated. Click each department for their business hours.

Animal Services
Building Permits
Fire Department
Killeen Arts & Activities Center

Killeen Civic & Conference Center

Municipal Court
Parks & Recreation
Police Department

Solid Waste
Senior Centers

Utility Collections

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2. Am I required to wear a mask?
3. Is there a shelter in place order?
4. What is the City of Killeen doing to stop the spread of COVID-19?
5. What facilities are open, closed, changed?
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7. Is COVID-19 affecting Killeen schools?
8. Can COVID-19 affect my drinking water?
9. Can I host/attend an event?
10. Can I be evicted during the COVID-19 emergency?
11. What is COVID-19?
12. Who is most at risk of severe illness from COVID-19?
13. What should I do if I believe I have been exposed to COVID-19?