Jose L. Segarra

City Council
Title: Councilmember at Large
Phone: 254-290-0548

Jose Segarra was Mayor of Killeen, Texas from 2016 to 2022, serving three terms— the maximum number allowed per City regulations. Before being elected as Mayor, Jose Segarra was the Mayor Pro-Tem and City Councilman for Killeen’s District 2. He has been an At-Large Councilman since May 2022. 

Councilman Segarra was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and at age three, his family moved to Chicago, where he was raised until joining the army at age 17 and where he served on active duty for ten years. Councilman Segarra arrived to the Killeen area in 1990 while still on active duty, and served with Fort Cavazos’s 1st Cavalry Division during Desert Storm. In 1992, after serving ten years on active duty, he decided to leave the Army and stay in the Killeen area. 

When not doing City Council duties, Jose Segarra is also the broker/Owner of Homevets Realty LLC, a residential real estate company in Killeen where he coaches agents and other businesspeople in reaching their life’s goals and achieving success-- something that has also helped him as a mayor and councilman. 

Councilman Jose Segarra became an avid runner after age 50 and has run more than a dozen half marathons and several full marathons. He’s even run the Army 10 miler several times in Washington, D.C. (which occurs each October). 

His vision is to help create a positive identity for the City of Killeen by focusing on the many great things that the city has to offer, to include a great, diverse culture and a powerful veteran workforce. 

During his tenure as a City Councilmember, Mr. Segarra played a major role in affecting change for the city.


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