Community Planning Meetings

General requirements from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant programs command local jurisdictions to encourage and involve citizens, including residents of predominantly low and moderate- income neighborhoods, to participate in the development of the consolidated strategic plan, any substantial amendments, and when a new program year begins; this involvement is by way of participation in Community Planning Meetings. Two (2) Community Planning Meetings will be conducted each year and will be held in locations easily accessible to the low- and moderate-income population and will be typical of "community" meetings where everyone will be given an opportunity to participate on an informal basis. The objective of these meetings will be for the city staff and Community Development Advisory Committee members to provide basic information and to obtain citizen input through dialogue. Such information will include:

(1) The amount of CDBG and HOME funds available; (2) The type of activities that may be undertaken with these funds and the kind of activities previously funded in Killeen; (3) The processes to be followed in the application process, including the schedule of meetings and hearings; (4) The role of citizens in the program; and (5) A summary of other important program requirements and information.

Since approximately 26.6% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2019 American Community Survey 5 year Estimates.) of Killeen's population is Hispanic, information will either be translated in Spanish and/or printed in both English and Spanish.

Additionally, a register of all persons attending the meetings and minutes of the meeting will be recorded.


(October 1 through September 30, 2024) 

The City of Killeen invites your participation and comment in identifying and prioritizing: housing, health, social services, employment, recreation, and economic development needs of Killeen.


A digital component will record real-time results from participants through web and text technology. Attendees are encouraged to bring a mobile phone or table with access to texting or the internet.


Advisory Committee - CDAC Committee

In order to increase the amount of citizen participation in the planning and implementation of the com-munity development programs, the Killeen City Council has established a Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) consisting of ten (10) members, directly appointed by the City Council, broadly representing all elements within the community including residents of low- and moderate-income areas commonly referred to as "neighborhood revitalization areas." The general duties of the CDAC include:

- holding neighborhood planning meetings to solicit citizen input and assess community needs;

-assist in the evaluation and recommendation of annual funding proposals from community organizations; assist in development of specific goals for housing assistance; and

- assist in monitoring and evaluation of program activities and performance.

CDAC members are actively involved in local community development matters with many members utilizing [their] bilingual capabilities to stimulate and encourage participation of minority and non-English speaking citizens.

Committee Members

LaDonna Barbee
Patsy Bracey
Tracy Hillman-Benoit
Angela Ann Santos
Johnny Frederick
Jonathan Hildner
Teresa Pearson Cossey
Luvina Sabree
Angela Galbreth
Mary Taylor

Community Development Department Staff

Agendas for meetings are available on the Boards and Commissions page.