Boards & Commissions

Animal Advisory Committee

The Animal Advisory Committee advises and makes recommendations to the city council pertaining to animals and the ordinance. It is composed of at least one licensed veterinarian, one city official, one person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter, one representative from an animal welfare organization or humane society and seven citizens.

Arts Commission

The Arts Commission solicits applications for projects from arts groups, reviews the requests for funding, and adopts guidelines for funding requests with the primary objective of promoting tourism in Killeen. The commission consists of nine members representing the various arts and the public-at-large.

Learn more about the Arts Commission.


Membership/Duties: The Fire Prevention Board of Adjustment and Appeals shall be appointed by the governing body and shall hold office at their pleasure.  The Fire Official shall be an ex-officio member and shall act as secretary of the board.

The board of appeals shall consist of members who are qualified by experience and training to pass on matters pertaining to hazards of fire, explosions, hazardous conditions or fire protection systems and are not employees of the jurisdiction. 2 year terms. Meets as needed.


Membership: The Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals consists of seven members with two alternates, established by ordinance. Membership shall consist of an architect, engineer, health district representative, mechanical,electrical, plumbing, and general contractor.

Duties: The board, when so appealed to and after a hearing, may vary the application of any provision of the construction codes to any particular case, when, in its opinion, the enforcement thereof would do manifest injustice and would be contrary to the spirit and purpose of said codes or public interest, or when, in its opinion, the interpretation of the Building and Code Enforcement Official should be modified or reversed. The board hears dangerous building cases and may order their repair, removal, or vacancy. 3 year terms. Meets 3rd Thursday of each month at 1:30pm (as needed).

Capital Improvements Advisory Committee

The Capital Improvements Advisory Committee advises and assists City Council in adopting and revising land use standards, reviews, monitors and evaluates the capital improvement plan and program and makes recommendations for revisions to impact fees.  The committee is composed of at least five members and includes residents, representatives from the real estate, development or building industries and a representative from the city’s extra territorial jurisdiction.

Capital Improvements Advisory Committee Application

Civil Service Commission

The Police and Fire Civil Service Commission consists of three members and considers matters concerning the rules and regulations of the Police and Fire Civil Service.

Community Development Advisory Committee

The Community Development Advisory Committee makes recommendations concerning the expenditure of community development block grants to assist low and moderate income citizens and eliminate slum and blight within Killeen. This committee consists of ten members.

Heritage Preservation Board

The Heritage Preservation Board is responsible for providing input to staff, the Heritage Preservation Officer, the Planning & Zoning Commission, and the City Council on matters concerning the overall development of the city’s historic preservation program.

Killeen Housing Authority

The Killeen Housing Authority commissioners conduct the business of the authority, are appointed by the Mayor of Killeen, and consist of five members.


Membership/Duties: The Killeen Sister Cities Committee consists of five principal members (three must be Killeen City Council members and two citizen positions), three ex officious (Mayor of Killeen or designee, Killeen Chamber of Commerce representative, Youth Advisory Commission representative) and a representative from each individual Sister City Committee (associate members). The five principal members must be appointed by the Killeen City Council and shall serve for a term of two years. The Killeen Sister Cities Committee creates the structural mechanism which provides operational guidelines for future sister cities at the recommendation of the Killeen City Council. 2 year terms. Meets as needed.

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of nine members appointed by the City Council for a term of two years, as established by the Charter of the City of Killeen.

The Planning and Zoning Commission reviews and approves plats submitted under the provisions of the Killeen Code of Ordinances, Chapter 26. In their role as a zoning commission, they review amendments to zoning regulations and boundaries submitted under the provisions of the Killeen Code of Ordinances, Chapter 31, and submit recommendations for approval or disapproval to the City Council.

Police Academy Advisory Board

The Killeen Police Academy Training Center maintains an Advisory Board as required by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Rules, Section 215.7 and is comprised of both public members of our community who meet the requirements of the Occupations Code, Chapter 1701.252 and Killeen Police law enforcement personnel. The board is responsible for advising on the development of curricula and other issues related to the specific training needs of the department.

If you are a resident of Killeen and would like to be considered for a position on our Advisory Board, please contact the Police Department and we will place your name in consideration when openings become available.


Membership: The Recreation Services Advisory Board consists of seven members. Duties: To review and recommend uses of parkland, city wide tree care, cemetery, and sports/recreation facilities and improvements within programs, activities, events, and facilities to meet current and future community needs of the City and its residents, including long range park planning tools. Two-year terms. Meets at least four (4) times a year or as needed. 

Senior Citizens Advisory Board

Membership: The Senior Citizens’ Advisory Board shall consist of eleven members. Six of the eleven members shall be at least 55 years of age.

Duties: The board’s objectives are to establish recommendations for guidelines and policies facilitating the most beneficial and productive use of the Senior Centers; advise the City Council on the needs and status of senior citizens in the city and recommend ways to meet the needs; to evaluate/assess proposed programs, grants and other governmental activities that may affect senior citizens; to recommend policies, goals, and objectives for the operation of the Senior Centers; to work in cooperation with City staff; and to report annually (in writing) to the City Council concerning any issue deemed prudent, at the request of the City Council or at the initiative of the Board. Three year terms. Meets 3rd Thursday of each month at 3:30pm.

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Number Two Board

The Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) Number Two is a designated area in the City that implements tax increment financing (TIRZ Number Two Map). This enables local economic development officials to collect the property tax revenue attributable to the increased assessed value resulting from new investments within the zone to be used for community improvement projects. The TIRZ Number Two Board is made up of seven (7) members representing the City of Killeen, Bell County, and Central Texas College.

Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals

The Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals shall consist of seven citizens plus two alternates of the city or of the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (by ordinance).  The board shall have the power to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error of law in any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the building inspector in the enforcement of the land use ordinance.  The board shall have the power to hear and decide special exceptions to the terms of the ordinance and the board shall have the power to authorize upon appeal in a specific case such variance from the terms of the ordinance as will not be contrary to the public interest, where, owing to special conditions, a literal enforcement of the provisions of the ordinance will result in unnecessary hardship.  The board shall have no authority to change any provision of the ordinance and its jurisdiction is limited to borderline cases which may arise from time to time.  Two year terms.  Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm IF NEEDED.