City Manager

Fort Hood Base Renaming Poll

20220414_100902We need your vote! Communities around Fort Hood are being asked to vote on who/what they think the best candidate is for the Renaming of Fort Hood. There are eleven (11) names to choose from. Please read their bio’s and vote!

Voting is open until Wednesday, April 20th.      VOTE HERE


To provide municipal services and facilities that meet the vital health, safety and general welfare needs of residents and sustain and improve their quality of life.


Best city in the state of Texas in delivering municipal services.


  • Citizen engagement
  • Continuous improvement
  • Fairness
  • First-rate customer service
  • Fiscal discipline and accountability
  • Highest ethical behavior
  • Transparent communications

Duties & Responsibilities 

The City Manager is the chief administrative and executive officer responsible for providing leadership throughout the City organization. The position is appointed by the City Council. Responsibilities include serving as the liaison between the policymaking and administrative branches of the City of Killeen and coordinating activities to effectively accomplish goals and objectives set by the City Council.