Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement enforces codes and regulations protecting the environment and quality of life. Concerned citizens who take good care of their property and notify the city of code violations help:

  • Encourage continued development
  • Maintain neighborhood desirability
  • Prevent fire, health and safety hazards
  • Reduce vandalism

Important Numbers

  • Animal Services Phone: 254-526-4455
  • Building Inspections Phone: 254-501-7762
  • Code Enforcement Phone: 254-501-7608
  • Environmental Services Phone: 254-501-7629
  • Liens Phone: 254-501-6518
  • Solid Waste Phone: 254-501-7785
  • Streets Phone: 254-501-7777
  • Utilities Phone: 254-501-7800


Code Violations

The City of Killeen has adopted several city ordinances designed to reduce nuisances associated with the following particular code violations as defined in Chapter 18 of the Killeen city ordinances.

Care of Premises

When conditions within a property are visible from a public right-of-way and tend to reduce the visual appeal of the property, a possible unsightly or objectionable condition exists. This condition may be any object or matter such as:

  • Appliances
  • Brush
  • Building materials
  • Dead trees
  • Household items
  • Limbs
  • Rubbish
  • Tires
  • Vehicles
  • Similar items that are openly stored or abandoned and must be removed

Dangerous Buildings

All buildings or structures must meet the minimum standards of city building codes and ordinances. Any building or structure that is abandoned, unsecured, dilapidated, has structural damage or has substandard construction is a dangerous building and shall be repaired, demolished or removed.

High Weeds & Grass

High weeds and grass are considered a violation when growth exceeds 12 inches in height. Properties that are more than two acres shall maintain a 50-foot wide strip adjacent to any public street, right-of-way or adjacent to any lot that is occupied by a residence or business. The owner and tenant are responsible for maintaining the property from any adjacent street curbs to the back of their property. Any alley or right-of-way adjacent to their property must also be maintained.

Junked Vehicles

A junked vehicle is a self-propelled vehicle that has an expired motor vehicle inspection certificate and is wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, or discarded. The vehicle must be restored to operable condition, removed from the property, or be stored in an enclosed structure.

Litter & Trash Debris

Accumulations of litter, trash and debris on private premises can be more than just unsightly. More importantly, by their presence, vermin-related and public health concerns often coexist. Such accumulations must be removed by the property owner.

Parking In Residential Areas

Any commercial use vehicle with capacity greater than one ton is prohibited from parking in residential areas. Such vehicles shall be parked on paved private property that is commercially zoned. Trailers* parked on the street in residential areas are prohibited. One utility trailer with bed length of 16 feet or less, without advertising on it, visible from public right-of-way may be parked on an all-weather surface. It shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle having a capacity of more than one (1) ton including, but not limited to, truck tractors, within six hundred (600) feet of a property zoned or used for residential purposes.  Citations may be issued for vehicles parked in violation.

Parking On All-Weather Surface

The City of Killeen has adopted City ordinances for parking vehicles on private property to lessen congestion in the streets and to facilitate the flow of traffic throughout the city. The all-weather parking area and driveway shall consist of an asphalt or concrete surface. Vehicles parked in violation will be cited and will be required to be relocated to an all-weather surface.

Recreational Vehicles

The City of Killeen allows owners of boats, motor homes, travel trailers, and recreational vehicles to be parked, in residentially-zoned areas, on an all-weather (asphalt or concrete) surface on the owner's private property. Vehicles* which are parked on the street, alley or encroach on public rights-of-way including sidewalks are prohibited and may be removed by the City.

*Complaints for such vehicles parked in the street must be submitted to the Killeen Police Department by calling 254-200-7904.