City Council


Mayor Headshot 11-8-22-3 portrait
Term: May 2022-May 2024
(254) 290-4510
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Mayor Pro Tem
Term: May 2022-May 2024

(254) 251-7149

Segarra 2022
Jose L. Segarra
Councilmember at Large
Term: May 2022-May 2024
(254) 290-0548

Alvarez 2022
Ramon Alvarez

Councilmember at Large
Term: May 2022-May 2024
(254) 383-7981

Gonzalez 2022

Councilmember District #1

Term: May 2021-May 2023
(254) 392-2719

Adams 2022Riakos Adams
Councilmember District #2
Term: March 2022 - May 2023
(254) 290-5330
Cobb 2022
Nina Cobb
 Councilmember District #3

Term: May 2021- May 2023
(254) 317-1641

Councilmember District #4
Term: June 2021-May 2023
(254) 952-7837


The adoption of the City Charter in 1949 established the council-manager form of government that the City of Killeen still operates under today. The mayor, Debbie Nash-King, is the city’s chief elected officer, but she has no administrative power. She does, however, preside over the city’s seven-member City Council, which sets all policy. The operations of the city are overseen by Killeen City Manager Kent Cagle.


The city elects its mayor and three council members at large, meaning that every registered voter within the city limits may vote for all four positions. The other four council members represent specific districts of the city and are elected by voters living in their districts.


Terms for the mayor and all council members are two years, with a three-consecutive-term limitation for each office. The city holds nonpartisan elections each May. The mayor and the at-large council members are elected in even-numbered years, and the four district council members are elected in odd-numbered years.