September 2016 - Current


3-21-17 City Council Workshop

DS-17-043 Parks Master Plan

DS-17-044 Quarterly Finance Report

DS-17-046 Policy for Citizen Appointments

DS-17-048 Killeen Visioning Session

PH-17-021 Auditing Services Budget Amendment

RS-17-030 Annual Audit Report

RS-17-031 Quarterly Investment Report Presentation

RS-17-034 Killeen Arts Commission Rules & Regulations

RS-17-035 Sale of Real Property

RS-17-037 Election Judges

RS-17-047 Committee Membership


3-7-17 City Council Workshop

DS-17-037 Red Light Program

DS-17-038 Election Signs on City Property

DS-17-041 Process for Making Recommendations for Citizen Appointments

PH-17-011A Air Wall Replacement

PH-17-011B Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund Budget Amendment

PH-17-012B Solid Waste Fund Budget Amendment


2-28-17 Special City Council Workshop

DS-17-035 Audit Process


2-21-17 City Council Workshop

DS-17-030 CDBG Priorities

DS-17-031 Discuss Impact Fees


2-7-17 City Council Workshop

DS-17-020 Vision 2030 2.0

DS-17-021 Animal Shelter


1-17-17 City Council Workshop

DS-17-012 MUD Update

DS-17-013 Rancier Corridor Revitalization

DS-17-014 City Council Chambers Concept

DS-17-016 Sale of City-Owned Property


1-3-17 City Council Workshop

DS-17-002 City-Owned Property

DS-17-003 Vision 2030 2.0

DS-17-005 2017 State Legislative Principles

DS-17-007 Outsourcing Municipal Jail

DS-17-008 Police Department Reorganization


12-13-16 Special City Council Workshop

DS-16-188 JLUS Final Report

DS-16-190 WCID#1 Relationship with City of Killeen


12-6-16 Special City Council Workshop

DS-16-183 Rideshare Companies

DS-16-184 Solid Waste Funds to General Fund

DS-16-185 Fire Station #9

RS-16-154 Nolan Creek Flood Protection Plan


11-22-16 Special City Council Workshop

DS-16-179 Employee Professional Development Program


11-15-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-175 Quarterly Financial Report

PH-16-040B South Station Apartments

RS-16-139 Quarterly Investment Report


11-1-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-161 Water Reuse Master Plan

DS-16-166 Legislative Procedure 

DS-16-162 Solid Waste Outsourcing


10-18-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-156 Code Enforcement Update

DS-16-157 Forensic Audit Update

DS-16-158 Protocol & Open Meetings


10-4-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-146 Skylark Field Master Plan

DS-16-147 DEAAG Project Update

DS-16-148 Animal Services Update

OR-16-020 Suspension of Compensation Step Increases


9-20-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-135 City Hall Assessment

DS-16-136 Quarterly Financial Report

RS-16-108 Quarterly Investment Report


9-6-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-130 Proposed Budget Cuts

OR-16-012 Arts Commission

 June 2016 - August 2016


8-30-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-128 Budget

DS-16-128 Staff Recommendations

DS-16-128 Transportation Utility

Additional Considerations

At Risk Youth Presentation


8-23-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-121 Bell County Public Health District

DS-16-121 Hill Country Transit District

DS-16-121 KVI Briefing

DS-16-101 Transportation Utility Fee


8-16-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-115 Police Department Quarterly Report

DS-16-117 Budget Briefing - Community Development

DS-16-117 Budget Briefing - ITS

DS-16-117 Budget Briefing - Public Information

DS-16-11 7 Budget Briefing - Support Services


8-9-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-113 Budget Briefing - Community Services

DS-16-113 Budget Briefing - Finance

DS-16-113 Budget Briefing - HR

DS-16-113 Budget Briefing - Planning

DS-16-113 Staff Recommendations


8-2-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-106 Open Meetings

DS-16-110 Indirect Cost Franchise Fee

DS-16-111 Aviation Budget Briefing

DS-16-111 Public Works Budget Briefing

DS-16-111 Recovery Plan

DS-16-111 Recovery Plan Addendum

RS-16-091 Time Keeping Project Update


7-26-16 City Council Meeting & Workshop

DS-16-103 Bell County Comm Center

DS-16-103 City Attorney Budget Briefing

DS-16-103 Fire Department Budget Briefing

DS-16-103 Municipal Court Budget Briefing

DS-16-103 Police Dept Budget Briefing

PH-16-020 CDBG & HOME FY 2016-17

RS-16-081 KAAC Tenant Lease History


7-25-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-098 Fleet Funding Program

DS-16-098 Fleet Replacement Program

DS-16-099 Fund Balance Reserves

DS-16-100 Rate Models (Solid Waste)

DS-16-100 Rate Models (Water-Sewer)

DS-16-100 Red Light Camera Program

DS-16-101 Finance Recovery Plan


7-19-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-096 SW Recycling

DS-16-097 Gathering Citizen Input

PH-16-020 CDBG Fund Presentation

PH-16-022 Hyde Estates Presentation

RS-16-081 KAAC Lease Presentation


7-12-16 Special City Council Workshop

DS-16-088 Transportation Utility Fund


7-5-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-083 Code Enforcement Update

DS-16-084 Potential Revenue Tools


6-28-16 City Council Meeting

PR-16-001 Force Reduction Assessment


6-21-16 City Council Workshop

DS-16-070 Heritage Oaks Park Site Plan

DS-16-071 Westside Regional Park Site Plan

DS-16-072 Parks Master Plan Update