The Mayor

Mayor Scott Cosper

Scott Cosper

Scott Cosper was elected Mayor of Killeen May 10, 2014. He previously served as an At Large City Councilman from 2000 to 2006 and from 2008 to 2011.

Mayor Cosper is a lifelong Killeenite and a graduate of the Killeen Independent School District. He is the owner of several local businesses specializing in residential and commercial development and construction.

Mayor Cosper has a long history of serving the community in various capacities including the Killeen Airport Expansion Committee, Planning & Zoning Commission, Water/Sewer/Drainage Committee, Central Texas Council of Governments and the Hill Country Transit District Policy Board. He is a current member of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and the Central Texas Homebuilders Association.

Mayor Cosper and his wife, Christy, have two daughters, Taylor Renee and Kaitlyn Rebecca.


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(254) 290-1042



 Mayoral Proclamations

The adoption of the City Charter in 1949 established the council-manager form of government that the City of Killeen still operates under today. The mayor, Scott Cosper, is the city’s chief elected officer, but he has no administrative power. He does, however, preside over the city’s seven-member City Council, which sets all policy. The operations of the city are overseen by Killeen Interim City Manager Ann Farris.

The city elects its mayor and three council members at large, meaning that every registered voter within the city limits may vote for all four positions. The other four council members represent specific districts of the city and are elected by voters living in their districts.

Terms for the mayor and all council members are two years, with a three-consecutive-term limitation for each office. The city holds nonpartisan elections each May. The mayor and the at-large council members are elected in even-numbered years, and the four district council members are elected in odd-numbered years.

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Mailing address
PO Box 1329
Killeen, Texas 76540


City Council District Boundaries

New District Boundaries

Old District Boundaries


 City Council

Brockley Moore
Mayor Pro Tem
Councilmember District #4
Term: May 2015-17

(254) 392-2720

Jonathan Okray
Councilmember At Large
Term: May 2014-16

(254) 368-8966

Juan Rivera
Councilmember At Large
Term: May 2014-16

(254) 251-7149

Councilmember At Large

Shirley Fleming
Councilmember District #1
Term: May 2015-17

(254) 392-2719

Councilmember District #2

Jim Kilpatrick
Councilmember District #3
Term: May 2015-17

(254) 526-2710