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July 10, 2019 8:19 AM

Utility Bills Reflect Upcoming Street Maintenance Fee Charge

City of Killeen utility bills received in July will show a new Street Maintenance Fee charge and a credit for that charge. In order to prepare customers for the assessment of the fee, the City has added the charge and credit to show what each account will be billed when statements are received in August. No fee is being collected this billing cycle.

Each single-family home will be billed a Street Maintenance Fee of $1.70 per month. Other residential uses are charged a fee based on a single-family equivalent per dwelling unit. Non-residential properties are classified by use and the fee is calculated using a single-family equivalent per unit.

Mailed utility bills include an informational flyer explaining the new Street Maintenance Fee. There is also a message printed at the bottom of each statement explaining the charge and credit. Detailed information on calculation of the fee and property classifications is available on the City’s website at

City Council adopted the Street Maintenance Fee in December with a July 1, 2019 effective date. The fee provides a dedicated funding source for maintaining public streets based on usage. All revenue collected will be placed in a Street Maintenance Fund to be used solely for this purpose. Funding may not be used for road construction or reconstruction.

City Council set aside $330,000 in the current year budget to begin addressing street maintenance in advance of fee collection. Maintenance is scheduled in late August on a collection of streets in northeast Killeen identified as most in need of maintenance by a previous street condition assessment. Those streets will be announced as work nears.

A new street condition study is underway to determine the current status of each street in Killeen. This updated information will help establish priority for scheduling future work. The results of the study will be available for public review when complete. Residents can expect to see projects completed in summer months and preparation work for those projects the remainder of the year.

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