Responsibilities & Functions

The Communications Department plans and implements the public relations efforts for the City of Killeen. The department provides relevant, concise, timely information to the public, media and city staff through various communication tools to enhance the relationship between the City of Killeen and its customers.

Major functions of the Communications Department include:

  • Development and distribution of news releases about city news, activities and programs
  • Response to media inquiries
  • Support of all city departments in their public relations efforts
  • Managing Legislative Affairs Division efforts
  • Internal printing services
  • Production of the internal and external city newsletters
  • Production of mayoral proclamations and awards
  • Management of the city’s government access channel to include producing city council meetings, program videos and informational slides
  • Management of the city’s website and social media outlets
  • Webstreaming of city council meetings
  • Community outreach
  • Management of the Team Killeen Committee which works to promote employee morale
  • Providing public information during emergencies

City Insight Newsletter

Killeen’s resident newsletter, City Insight, showcases city programs and projects to give you the real scoop on what's happening in your city government. Hard copies of the newsletter are mailed directly to residents in their utility bills, and current and past issues are archived on the city’s website.

City Insight

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