Street Operations

Maintain the existing transportation network including streets, sidewalks, drive approaches, trail, curb & gutter, and valley gutters. Provide street sweeping in conjunction with the MS4 Permit. Maintain and install traffic control devices (traffic signals, sign, etc.). Maintain pavement markings. Provide emergency response to traffic signal malfunctions and natural disasters.

Repair Requests

For repair requests please use the Citizen Support Center.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is performed on a regularly scheduled basis. Thoroughfares and business district streets are swept more frequently than residential streets. These areas are frequented more due to the high use and visibility of the areas. The Street Division's goal is to sweep the entire City once per quarter.

Traffic Signals & Signs

To report a traffic signal or school zone flasher that is not operating, or to report missing or damaged signs, please call 254-616-3152 or email Steet Operations.

Report Street Light Outages

To report street light outages, please call 888-313-4747 or submit a report online.

Killeen Street Service Video