Emergency Management

The City of Killeen Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security coordinates the citywide response to large-scale emergencies and disasters.


The City of Killeen works hard to reduce or eliminate risks to persons or property in case of disaster. At minimum we strive to lessen the potential effects of an incident on our city. A mitigation effort prior to a disaster is the most successful method for lessening losses caused by disasters.


Preparedness can help to reduce the impact of hazards by taking certain deliberate actions before an emergency event occurs. The City of Killeen is at work to improve our response and recovery functions through preparedness activities that include planning, training, exercising and public education.

The City of Killeen Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security works with every City department to prepare for the inevitable disaster before it strikes. We also coordinate with county, state, and national governments to ensure that there is a coordinated network of preparation. Advanced preparation helps improve our city's sustainability during times of adversity' saving lives, property, time, money and resources.


The Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security coordinates the City of Killeen's communications and response actions during a disaster or emergency situation. It facilitates this process by implementing emergency and communications plans and activating the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC does not dictate what actions the City's first responders and departments will take, but rather provides information and coordination to help manage a complete city-wide response. The utilization of an EOC helps to quickly and effectively prioritize City resources to help save lives and prevent further property and economic losses. First priorities are always Search and rescue operations, treating the injured, reestablishing vital public services, and providing emergency shelter support to protect life and safety.


The goal of recovery is to return the community's systems and activities to normal. Recovery begins right after the emergency. Some recovery activities may be concurrent with response efforts. Recovery is the development, coordination, and execution of service-and site-restoration plans for impacted communities and the reconstitution of government operations and services through individual, private-sector, nongovernmental and public assistance programs.

Severe Weather

  • City government access channel: Spectrum Cable Channel 10
  • State and regional information hotline: 211

Prepared Pets

Planning ahead is the key to keeping yourself and your companion animals safe during a disaster. Red Rover has comprehensive information about preparing yourself with your pets.